Join us on the FOOD ROOF Farm every Saturday between 9a - 11:30a from May through October!

We invite all members of our community to stop by our rooftop farm during this time to either get their hands dirty as volunteers or just to take in the flourishing farm and views of downtown St Louis. Bring a book or a cup of coffee and sit at our community table, take a stroll between the raised beds, or participate in weekly programming workshops and discussions.

Below are a few rules to guide your visit.

Please DO NOT:

  • Smoke or vape

  • Be on phone socially

  • Bring pets

  • Drop off children under 16 unattended

  • Harvest or eat produce without staff instruction or guidance

  • Use tools without staff instruction or guidance

  • Feed the chickens

  • Enter the greenhouse

  • Throw anything off of the roof

  • Bring a weapon

Please DO:

  • Bring your family

  • Bring something to eat or drink

  • Bring something to do -- a book to read, instrument to play, game to share

  • Volunteer alongside our staff

  • Take pictures and tag us social media (@urbanharveststl)

  • Wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the weather

  • Dispose of all waste properly (landfill, recycling, compost)

  • Sing a song to our chickens

  • Be open to meeting new people