We'd love to show you around the FOOD ROOF Farm and give you a glimpse into rooftop farming in downtown St Louis! Stop by to volunteer, or schedule a group tour or field trip below.


group tours

We offer private group tours of the farm from April - October  
$50 for groups up to 20 people
$100 for groups of 21-40 people


field trips

We offer field trips of the farm for K-12 school groups from April - October  
$50 for groups up to 20 students
$100 for groups of 21-40 students


Nutrition Education from the Missouri University Extension

New this year, through a partnership with the University of Missouri Extension, grade 1-8 classes can add on FREE nutrition training to their field trip on the FOOD ROOF Farm! The Extension’s ‘Eating from the Garden’ program combines nutrition and gardening in lessons that incorporate organically grown produce from the farm to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, expand gardening knowledge, and promote healthier food choices and physical activity.

This program is available FREE of charge to local schools. Educators are very experienced in gardening with youth, we can't recommend this program enough! If you’d like to learn more please make note of it in the form below.

Group tours and field trips are offered May-October and last up to 60 minutes, which includes ample time for questions. A brief overview of Urban Harvest STL and the history of the FOOD ROOF Farm will be shared, followed by a farm walk with in depth explanations of each component of the farm, from greenhouse production to the agricultural green roof system, and chickens to field crops.

Please note that the rooftop is only accessible by two flights of stairs, once you make the short climb to the roof you will not be disappointed. We look forward to welcoming you to the farm!



If interested in scheduling a group tour or field trip, please complete the form below.

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