Urban Harvest STL builds community around INCLUSIVE AND RESILIENT local food systems.

Urban Harvest STL grows food for people who need it most in our communities. Our innovative FOOD ACCESS CLUSTER partnership creates a closed-loop local food system that diverts from traditional means of production and distribution. We are developing a network of organizations with defined roles to address food insecurity because it’s an impossible task for any one organization. Through collaboration, a collective vision, and shared resources, we accelerate our impact in the community.

Through this collaboration, the majority of food grown on our urban farms goes to people without access to quality food living in nearby food deserts in St Louis. To learn more about this cluster approach to creating an inclusive and resilient food system click here.

our impact

Before we spring ahead to 2017, we've reflected on our work and accomplishments in 2016. Thanks to your indispensable support, Urban Harvest STL has had an incredible year of growth, and we’d like to share our impact with you in this illustrated graphic.


our events

Our 2017 Farm Flow Yoga series is up! Stay tuned for our 2017 workshop and harvest dinner series! 


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Urban Harvest STL is a proud recipient of the 2015 INUAg Innovators in Urban Agriculture Prize awarded by the  International Network for Urban Agriculture.