full service urban farming

we design, install, and maintain custom URBAN gardens FOR COMMERCIAL, RESTAURANTS, HOMES AND SCHOOLS


Whether you have an empty rooftop or vacant land, we can help you transform it into a thriving garden full of life! The design, specification, construction, and maintenance of urban gardens needs to be carefully crafted in order for the project to sustain long-term success. Having gone through the process (both up on the roof and at ground level), we can bring added value to your project through our expertise and first-hand knowledge from concept through implementation.

We are architects, and our passion for healthy food and community development led us to urban farming. With our unique background and expertise in both design, construction, AND farming, no one is better suited in the industry to cross pollinate urban agriculture and architecture and help build your productive AND beautiful urban oasis. Architects make pretty farms, that is one thing we are certain of! 

If you’d like to explore urban farming further, our team is available in a variety of capacities from site consultation and concept development to design, build, and maintenance. Contact us at mary@urbanharveststl.org for more information and to schedule a consultation.